спаржева квасоля

The green asparagus

Hello, welcome,

and today we will cook green asparagus.

It is better to take young pods because they are gentler. And young asparagus does not have such hard whiskers. Its beans have not been formed.

So, in the first step, we will take the garlic bread and we will cut it into small pieces. The next step is to add 3-4 big spoons of sunflower oil to a pen.

As soon as the pen becomes hot enough we have to put cut garlic bread on it.

When garlic bread is fried a little bit (it becomes a light yellow color) we have to put 3-4 big spoons of flour on a pen.

When we mix it with a slice of fried garlic bread make a fire under the pen lower to be not so intensive. While the flavor is fried with garlic bread we will wash several tomatoes, cut them into average-sized pieces, and put them in a pen. If you don’t like tomato skin you could take it off. I don’t care for it.

So I just cut tomatoes into average pieces and add them to a pen.

Do not over-fry, you should mash everything on the pen from time to time. I use a wooden spoon for such purposes as not hitting the pen surface. Add enough amount of cold water to a pen (around half of the pen).

Then add cut asparagus to a pen. I prefer to cut asparagus in pieces not bigger than one centimeter. Make the fire under the pen bigger. Asparagus should start boiling on a pen.

The next step is to make the fire under the pen smaller to make boiling on the pen not so intensive. When we have to add four big spoons of sour cream to a pen. Add a small spoon of salt (it is on your taste: you could add more or less as you like).

When add a timer for 30 minutes. And mesh the pen contents from time to time (each several minutes).

When asparagus is cooked it becomes a dark green color. You could add some green parsley if you like for a better taste. Have a good appetite.